We love our custom anodized bipods here at Gun Candy! The bipods we supply (for an additional cost) are Shooter's Ridge 6"-9" Benchrest Bipods. They feature telescoping legs with spring return which are compact and lightweight. The legs extend easily and quickly with adjustable heights. These bipods are great for prone, benchrest or sitting shots. Finishes available are either matte or polished in your choice of color (or colors). Below you can find images showing a variety of the colors available at Gun Candy.

Anodized Matte Bipod - $45

Anodized Polished Bipod - $52

*There's an additional $10 charge for tilting bipods, and an additional $12 charge for tilt/swivel bipods.

Bronze & Chrome

Blue & Chrome

Black & Gold

Red, Gold & Chrome

Red & Black

Red & Chrome

Green & Chrome

Pink & Black

Purple & Black (Matte)

Custom Matched Purple (Matte)

Seafoam & Chrome

OD Green & Chrome (Matte)

OD Green, Black, & Copper (Polished)

OD Green, Black & Copper (Matte)

Blue & Rootbeer